Are you finding about your next family holidays ideas? As we step into 2023, let’s leave the beaten path behind and embrace the thrill of discovering new places. In this blog, I will take you on a virtual tour of 11 fantastic locations around the world that you absolutely must visit. 

From secluded paradises to bustling cultural hubs, these destinations offer a unique blend of experiences guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable memories. 

Not only will I shed light on what makes these places magnetically attractive to tourists, but I’ll also share with you the finest accommodations for a comfortable family stay and the cost involved, making your trip planning as seamless as possible. 

So buckle up, and prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey across the globe from the comfort of your screen. Let the adventure begin.

Ideas for a wonderful holiday in 2023

In 2023, embark on a journey to destinations untouched by mass tourism. Experience the rich history and natural beauty of Bulgaria, explore the turquoise beaches and unique cuisine of Kalkan, Turkey, or delight in the unparalleled luxury of Soneva Fushi Resort in the Maldives.

Alternatively, seek solace amidst the idyllic landscapes of Belle Plagne, France, or experience the cultural vibrancy and tropical allure of Bali, Indonesia. Whichever destination you choose, prepare for an unforgettable holiday.

1. Autumn in Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont, a charming region in northwest Italy, transforms into a magical landscape during the fall season. 

Nestled between the Swiss and French Alps, it’s a place where the vivid hues of autumn leaves create an enchanting backdrop for its rolling vineyards, ancient castles, and tranquil lakes. 

The crisp air carries the intoxicating aroma of ripened grapes, ready for the wine harvest, and the tantalizing scent of white truffles, a specialty of the region.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit?

  1. Autumn Scenery: Piedmont’s fall landscape provides an incredible display of nature’s beauty.
  1. Culinary Delights: The region’s gastronomy thrives this season, with the celebrated Alba White Truffle Fair being a key highlight.
  1. Vineyard Visits: Numerous vineyards offer wine tastings featuring their renowned Barolo and Barbaresco wines.
  1. Hiking Trails: The region’s picturesque hiking trails become even more enchanting during the fall.
  1. Ideal for Various Interests: With its blend of natural beauty, culinary offerings, and outdoor activities, Piedmont in autumn caters to nature lovers, food enthusiasts, and wine connoisseurs.

Best Places Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip to Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont Travel Budget

ExpenseIndividualCoupleFamily of Four
Total Expenses (including rent)$1,200$2,400$3,062
Expenses (excluding rent)$666$1,332$2,127
Rent and Utilities$534$1,068$935

Estimated Daily Expenses for Vacation

Average Daily Expense$134
Average Food Expense$36
Average Transport Expense$40
Average Accommodation Expense (per night for a couple)$128

Total Estimated Cost for a Week-Long Trip


2. Saving Turtles Ranger Programme in the Maldives

The Saving Turtles Ranger Programme in the Maldives provides an extraordinary intersection of tourism and environmental conservation. 

Located amidst the idyllic, turquoise waters of this tropical paradise, the programme is an initiative that combines an incredible travel experience with the chance to contribute to the preservation of marine life. 

The Saving Turtles Ranger Programme takes travelers on a unique journey, allowing them to step into the shoes of a conservationist in the breathtaking surroundings of the Maldives, one of the world’s most diverse and fragile marine ecosystems.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit Turtles Ranger Programme?

  1. Hands-On Conservation: The program offers a unique opportunity to engage directly in sea turtle rescue, rehabilitation, and release.
  1. Educational Experience: Visitors participate in educational sessions about the challenges facing marine life and the importance of conservation efforts.
  1. Personal Satisfaction: Visitors leave with cherished memories and the gratification of contributing to the protection of endangered species.
  1. Enriching Journey: The program provides an enlightening and enriching journey amidst the stunning backdrop of the Maldives.
  1. Unique Travel Experience: The combination of adventure, education, and altruism makes the Saving Turtles Ranger Programme a truly unforgettable travel experience.

Best Place Where Should You Stay 

Stay Cost During Your Trip to Turtles Ranger Programme

Soneva Fushi Family Villa Suite with Pool Overview

Villa Size360 square meters
Room TypeSeparate children’s room
Advertised RateBased on 2 adults (extra charges for additional adults or children)
Best Rate GuaranteeWhen booking directly through
Rate$2,000 per night (excluding taxes and fees)
Special OfferComplimentary signature Soneva experience when booking directly through

3. Deer Tracking in the Outer Hebrides Isle: A Hebridean adventure

Deer tracking in the Outer Hebrides Isle presents an intriguing blend of captivating wildlife adventure and awe-inspiring natural beauty. 

The Outer Hebrides, an enchanting archipelago off the west coast of Scotland, is renowned for its rugged landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and wealth of flora and fauna. 

One of the most engaging and rewarding experiences available to visitors here is the chance to track the majestic Red Deer, the largest land mammal in the UK, through the wild and undulating terrains of these isles.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit Turtles Ranger Programme?

  1. Observe Red Deer: The experience provides an unparalleled opportunity to observe Red Deer in their natural habitat.
  1. Expert Guidance: Equipped with expert guides, tourists learn about the deer’s behaviors, habitats, and their role in the island’s ecosystem.
  1. Experience the Deer Rut: The spectacle of the deer rut in autumn, where the stags’ roaring calls echo through the landscape, is a mesmerizing experience.
  1. Spellbinding Scenery: Apart from the wildlife adventure, the Outer Hebrides offer captivating scenery and tranquil environments.
  1. Celtic Culture and Heritage: Visitors can immerse themselves in the Celtic culture, explore ancient historical sites, and soak in breathtaking vistas.
  1. Ideal Combination: The deer tracking experience encapsulates the essence of the Outer Hebrides, offering the perfect blend of wildlife, heritage, and natural beauty.

Best Place Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip to in the Outer Hebrides Isle 

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Packages Overview

PackagePriceGuest CapacityBedroom AccessEstate GhilliesFishing ActivitiesDeer Stalking
Option 1£23,760Up to 12 guestsUp to 8 bedrooms4 ghilliesIncluded1 day
Option 2£39,552Up to 18 guestsAll 12 bedrooms5 ghilliesIncluded1 day

4. Not only Winter Also Summer in the French Alps

The French Alps during summer present a symphony of splendor and serenity, a stark contrast to the snow-capped spectacle often associated with the winter months. 

This majestic mountain range, stretching across the eastern border of France, is an oasis of vibrant wildflowers, verdant valleys, and azure blue skies under the radiant European sun. 

It’s not merely a paradise for skiers and snowboarders but a haven for those who yearn for an unforgettable encounter with nature, culture, and history.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit Turtles Ranger Programme?

  1. Mont Blanc Massif: The highest mountain peak in Western Europe, is a sight to behold in summer, making it a must-visit for its stunning beauty and adventure opportunities.
  1. Adventure Activities: The thrill of hiking, rock climbing, or paragliding around Mont Blanc offers a unique experience for adventure enthusiasts.
  1. Vanoise National Park: The park offers a chance to explore unique flora and fauna, boasting rich biodiversity.
  1. Town of Annecy: Known as the “Venice of the Alps,” the town offers charming canals, quaint streets, boutiques, cafés, and the iconic Annecy Castle.
  1. Annecy International Animated Film Festival: Held in June, the renowned film festival is a major attraction for film lovers.
  1. Gastronomy: The French Alps are renowned for their local cheeses, wines, and produce. A traditional Savoyard meal accompanied by a glass of Alpine wine is a must-try.
  1. Panoramic Mountain Views: The French Alps offer spectacular panoramic views of mountains, enhancing the overall dining and visiting experience.

Best Place Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip in the French Alps

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Travel Budget Overview

Travel PartyWeek-Long Trip CostDaily CostDaily Food, Travel, SightseeingRound-Trip Economy FlightsAccommodation (per night)
Individual$855 – $1,899$122 – $271$36 – $88$327 – $8152 or 3-star hotel: $75 – $78, 1-bed vacation rental: $46 – $56
Couple$1,936 – $3,618$277 – $517$72 – $176$654 – $1,6302 or 3-star hotel: $75 – $78, 1-bed vacation rental: $46 – $56
Family of Four$2,760 – $6,660$394 – $951$144 – $352$1,308 – $3,260Two 2 or 3-star hotel rooms: $150 – $156, 2-bed vacation rental: $74 – $78

5. Incredible Experience: Spot the Northern Lights in Finland

Finland, a haven of tranquil forests, picturesque lakes, and enchanting winter landscapes, is a gem in the heart of the Arctic Circle. This Nordic wonderland is home to an unparalleled spectacle of nature – the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. 

Seeing the Northern Lights in Finland is a popular tourist activity, offering an immersive, awe-inspiring experience in Finland’s beautiful wilderness. 

The magical dance of lights across the night sky, painting vibrant hues of green, pink, and purple, has the power to captivate any onlooker, making this a must-visit destination for every intrepid traveler.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit Northern Lights in Finland?

  1. Cultural Significance: The Northern Lights are deeply tied to Finland’s cultural heritage and folklore, adding a mystical charm to the phenomenon.
  1. Availability and Accessibility: In Finnish Lapland, the Lights are visible for over 200 nights a year, maximizing the opportunity for successful viewing.
  1. Unique Aurora-Hunting Activities: Finland offers unique Aurora-hunting activities, including snowmobile tours, reindeer rides, and stays in glass-roofed igloos.
  1. Minimal Light Pollution: Finland’s commitment to preserving natural darkness ensures minimal light pollution, offering pristine views of the celestial spectacle.
  1. Finnish Hospitality: Coupled with the warmth of Finnish hospitality, the Northern Lights experience promises to be a transformative journey.
  1. Long-lasting Memories: The entire experience, set amidst the tranquil Finnish wilderness, promises to create unforgettable memories.

Best Place Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip in Northern Lights in Finland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Deals

Room TypeCost Per NightTotal Cost for WeekendInclusionsAvailable At
Standard Room$170$187Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, CancellationeDreams,
Standard Room$170$188Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, CancellationOrbitz
Other Room (Double Bed)$149$167Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, CancellationPriceline

6. At the Sani Resort Summer Survival in Halkidiki

Hidden in Greece’s beautiful Halkidiki peninsula, you’ll find the luxurious Sani Resort. It’s the perfect place for an unmatched summer vacation.

Imagine being surrounded by the clear blue waters, lush green pine forests, and sun-soaked sandy beaches of this amazing resort. Its design blends naturally with the environment, all while offering top-notch facilities.

Sani Resort is also great for families. They’ve got a summer survival program that balances fun and relaxation, guaranteeing a holiday that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit to Sani Resort Summer Survival in Halkidiki?

  1. Unique Activities: The resort engages guests in creative activities tailored to the spectacular natural environment around them.
  1. Family-Friendly Venture: The program includes various recreational and educational activities suitable for adults and children.
  1. Broad Activity Range: From nature discovery walks, bird watching, and yacht sailing to beach yoga, there’s an activity for everyone.
  1. Eco-Guides: The resort’s eco-guides provide education about the local flora, fauna and the importance of conservation, adding a learning aspect to the adventure.
  1. Commitment to Sustainability: The resort displays a dedication to responsible tourism with eco-activities and organic kitchen gardens.
  1. Culinary Experiences: Food enthusiasts can embark on a gastronomic journey with restaurants serving exquisite local and international cuisines.
  1. Luxurious Spa Facilities: For those seeking relaxation, the resort offers serene spa facilities to unwind and rejuvenate.
  1. More Than Just a Stay: The Sani Resort Summer Survival program offers an opportunity to connect with nature, learn about environmental conservation, experience local culture, and rejuvenate in the idyllic beauty of Halkidiki.
  1. Unique Mix: With its unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and education, Sani Resort is a must-visit destination for a fulfilling and memorable summer escape.

Best Place Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip to Sani Resort Summer Survival in Halkidiki

Sani Beach Hotel Flash Sale Special Offer

MonthPrice Per PersonIncluded Upgrade

7. SKI Trip: Family Skiing in the Resort of Belle Plagne, France

Nestled high in the French Alps, Belle Plagne is a charming resort serving as an idyllic getaway for ski enthusiasts and families. 

With its beautiful chalet-style architecture, this cozy retreat seamlessly blends into the picturesque mountain landscape. 

As a part of the vast Paradiski area, Belle Plagne boasts an extensive network of ski slopes, making it an enticing destination for a thrilling family skiing holiday.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit to the Resort of Belle Plagne, France

  1. Family-Friendly: The resort caters to all ages and skill levels with ski schools and various slopes, ensuring an enjoyable skiing experience for everyone.
  1. Range of Activities: Besides skiing, Belle Plagne offers many non-ski activities, such as dog sledding, snowshoeing, and ice climbing, adding an adventurous element to your holiday.
  1. Vibrant Village Center: The pedestrian-friendly village center boasts a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, serving as a lively hub after a day of skiing.
  1. Stunning Views: Due to its elevated position, the resort offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain peaks, making it a picturesque backdrop for photos.
  1. Eco-Conscious Practices: Belle Plagne’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of renewable energy sources, focus on waste management and dedication to preserving natural resources.
  1. Holistic Holiday Experience: By combining outdoor activities, beautiful landscapes, warm hospitality, and a commitment to eco-conscious practices, Belle Plagne provides a well-rounded, memorable vacation experience for families seeking adventure amidst the serene beauty of the French Alps.

Best Place Where Should You Stay 

Stay Cost During Your Trip to the Resort of Belle Plagne, France

AccommodationRoom TypeAmenitiesPrice
Appartement Belle Plagne, 3 Pieces, 7 Personnes – Fr-1-455-181 La Plagne-TarentaiseApartment (65 m², 2 bedrooms, Maximum 2 guests)No pets allowed, No SmokingPKR 292,884 for 2 nights
Résidence Les Balcons de Belle PlagneNot SpecifiedNot Specified₹ 7,664 per night

8. Lovely Beaches in Kalkan, Turkey

Tucked away on Turkey’s dazzling Turquoise Coast, Kalkan is a beguiling town known for its charming old fishing village atmosphere, labyrinthine streets, and exquisite beaches. 

As an increasingly popular tourist destination, Kalkan showcases a tranquil beauty untouched by mass tourism, making it an ideal place for those seeking a serene seaside escape. 

With its crystal-clear waters, pristine sands, and stunning vistas, Kalkan offers a beach experience that is as breathtaking as it is unique.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit to the Beaches in Kalkan, Turkey

  1. Splendid Beaches: Kalkan’s main beach, a beautiful pebble beach with clear turquoise waters, has earned the Blue Flag award for its cleanliness and water quality.
  1. Picturesque Settings: Many of Kalkan’s beaches, such as Kaputas and Patara, are set between rocky cliffs, offering breathtaking natural backdrops.
  1. Patara Beach: This is one of Turkey’s longest sandy beaches and part of a national park. It’s a must-visit spot, not only for its beauty but also for its status as a protected breeding ground for the endangered Loggerhead Turtles.
  1. Wide Range of Water Sports: Visitors can enjoy various water activities such as sea kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving, providing an opportunity to explore the Mediterranean’s rich marine life.
  1. Rooftop Dining: Kalkan is famous for its rooftop terrace restaurants and bars serving delicious local cuisine alongside panoramic sea views.
  1. Holistic Holiday Experience: By combining leisure, adventure, stunning natural beauty, and culinary delights, Kalkan’s beaches promise an unforgettable Turkish coastal holiday.

Best Place Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip to Beaches in Kalkan, Turkey

Latest deals for Likya Residence Hotel And Spa

SourceRoom TypeNumber of GuestsBed TypePerksPricing
Google FlightsNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedAverage price is $175 per night, ranging from $125 to $225
Unknown SourceNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNo prepayment needed, fully refundable before 07/22/23PKR 57,164
Unknown SourceNot SpecifiedOnly 1 left at this priceNot SpecifiedFully refundable before 07/22/23PKR 79,348
Unknown SourceNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedPKR 37,832
eDreamsDeluxe Room2 Guests1 Double BedFree Breakfast$207 per night, $232 total
Booking.comDeluxe Room2 Guests1 Double BedFree Breakfast$207 per night, $232 total
PricelineStandard RoomNot SpecifiedUnknown Bed TypeFree Breakfast, Free Cancellation$294 per night, $330 total

9. Discover Bulgaria: Untapped Tourism Gem

Bulgaria, often referred to as Europe’s untapped tourism gem, is a treasure trove of rich history, diverse landscapes, and captivating culture. 

Its strategic location, nestled between Europe’s east and west, has endowed Bulgaria with a melting pot of influences, making it a fascinating destination for travelers. 

From sun-kissed beaches on the Black Sea coast to snow-capped peaks in the Balkan Mountains, from vibrant modern cities to quaint villages that seem untouched by time, Bulgaria offers an intriguing blend of experiences that captivate the heart of every visitor.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit to Bulgaria: Untapped Tourism Gem

  1. UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The country is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon and the Rila Monastery, showcasing its deep-rooted history and culture.
  1. Diverse Landscapes: Nature enthusiasts can explore diverse landscapes, including the mesmerizing Seven Rila Lakes, the enigmatic Belogradchik Rocks, and the untouched beaches along the Black Sea.
  1. Adventure Opportunities: For adventure seekers, Bulgaria offers top-quality skiing and snowboarding in winter resorts like Bansko and Pamporovo, while the Vitosha and Pirin National Parks provide ideal locations for summer hiking.
  1. Vibrant Cities: Cities like the capital, Sofia, and the coastal city of Varna, balance historical charm with modern vibrancy, boasting a growing food and wine scene, active nightlife, and numerous cultural events and festivals.
  1. Warm Hospitality: One of the most compelling reasons to visit Bulgaria is the warm hospitality of its people. Bulgarians are known for welcoming visitors and sharing their traditions, folklore, music, and cuisine, offering an authentic and personal exploration of their culture.

Best Place Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip to Bulgaria

Room TypePrice Range Per Night
Superior Twin Room$168 – $208
Superior Double Room$168 – $208
Deluxe Room$228 – $268
Sense Suite$308 – $348

10. Visit Bali Iceland, Indonesia

Bali, often referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” is one of Indonesia’s most famed tourist destinations. Blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, the island is a dreamy amalgamation of stunning beaches, verdant mountains, terraced rice paddies, and lush tropical forests. 

However, Bali’s charm extends beyond its physical allure, offering a rich cultural tapestry that manifests in its numerous temples, traditional dances, and centuries-old crafts.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit to Bali Iceland, Indonesia

  1. Spiritual Heritage: Bali’s numerous ancient temples, including the iconic Tanah Lot and Uluwatu, showcase the island’s deep spiritual roots.
  1. Cultural Exploration: Ubud, Bali’s cultural heart, offers a chance to appreciate traditional Balinese arts and crafts.
  1. Natural Beauty: From exploring the majestic Mount Batur and its surrounding lake to admiring the stunning Tegalalang Rice Terrace, nature lovers will find plenty to enjoy.
  1. Beach Experiences: Bali’s beaches cater to all preferences, offering tranquillity in areas like Nusa Dua and Sanur and vibrancy in Kuta and Seminyak.
  1. Wellness Retreats: Bali is renowned for its wellness centers offering yoga and meditation sessions. Unique spa treatments like the Balinese massage are also a must-try.
  1. Diverse Dining Scene: From traditional warungs serving local dishes to chic beach clubs and upscale restaurants offering international cuisine, the dining options in Bali cater to every palate.

Best Place Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip to Bali Iceland, Indones

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan Pricing Overview

Room TypePrice Range Per Night
Standard Room$933 – $1,085
Other Room$921 – $933
Garden View Villa$788 – $1,200
River View Villa$1,200 – $1,800
Pool Villa$1,800 – $2,400
Overwater Pool Villa$3,000 – $4,000
Private Residence$5,000 – $10,000

Latest Deals for Standard Rooms at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Booking ServicePrice Per NightTotal Price

Tips for Saving Money at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

  1. Book during the off-season.
  2. Consider a vacation package.
  3. Look for discounts.
  4. Be flexible with your dates.

11. To Laze Away Visit PlayGround ‘Riviera Maya’, Mexico

PlayGround ‘Riviera Maya’ in Mexico is an alluring destination that serves as an exhilarating retreat for tourists seeking both relaxation and adventure. 

Set against the stunning backdrop of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, the region brims with spectacular white-sand beaches, crystalline turquoise waters, and dense tropical jungle. 

From thrilling water sports to ancient Mayan ruins, from vibrant nightlife to tranquil wellness retreats, the Riviera Maya offers an intriguing fusion of experiences that cater to a diverse array of interests.

Reasons: Why Should You Visit to PlayGround ‘Riviera Maya’, Mexico

  1. Natural Attractions: The region houses the world’s second-largest coral reef, offering a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Adventure-seekers can explore the region’s unique underwater caves, known as cenotes, revered in Mayan culture.
  1. Historical Sites: History and archaeology enthusiasts can explore the nearby ancient Mayan city of Tulum, which overlooks the Caribbean Sea, and the significant archaeological site of Coba.
  1. Cultural Insights: The eco-archaeological park Xcaret provides insights into Mayan and Mexican culture, history, flora, and fauna through various attractions and live performances.
  1. Vibrant Nightlife: The Riviera Maya is famed for its bustling nightlife, especially in Playa del Carmen, offering a variety of bars and clubs with diverse music and entertainment.
  1. Luxurious Accommodation: The region features a range of luxurious all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels, and wellness retreats to suit all types of travelers.
  1. Exquisite Dining: An array of dining options is available that highlights local and international cuisine, catering to all tastes.

Best Place Where Should You Stay

Stay Cost During Your Trip to PlayGround ‘Riviera Maya’, Mexico

Rosewood Mayakoba Pricing Overview

Room TypePrice Range Per Night
Junior Suite$1,200 – $1,800
Overwater Bungalow$2,500 – $3,500
Private Residence$5,000 – $10,000

The resort offers various vacation packages such as “Summer Indulgence”, which includes three nights’ accommodation, daily breakfast, and a $500 resort credit.

Travel Deals for Rosewood Mayakoba

$1PKR 302,509Fully refundable before 07/16/23
$2PKR 302,509Fully refundable before 07/16/23
2 (Discounted)PKR 284,110Fully refundable before 07/16/23

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, whether you’re in pursuit of cultural immersion, gastronomic delights, adventure-filled excursions, or a serene retreat, the world is brimming with extraordinary destinations waiting to be explored. 

As we’ve journeyed through the unique charm of each location, remember that the key to a memorable holiday in 2023 lies in embracing the new and unexpected. 

With the curated list of destinations and carefully selected accommodations provided in this blog, your next adventure is within reach. 

Plan wisely, travel responsibly, and let every journey unfold an unforgettable chapter in the book of your life. Safe travels and here’s to creating incredible memories in 2023.

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